Bolshoi’s leading soloist Olga Smirnova portrayed as ‘Odette’.

She looks so happy!





Please keep my bestfriend in your thoughts and prayers. She’s in the hospital with a bad kidney infection. Send her positive thoughts and pray that this is over quickly for her and that she can come home and go back to work and be with us again. She means the world to me, and I really appreciate everyone else helping me get all the good energy to her. She’s a sweet little thing, and her 21st birthday is coming up, she deserves more than anything to be able to enjoy her special day and feel 100%. Thank you all for your time, energy and good thoughts.

EDIT:I have created a gofundme for Olivia because it seems that she DOES NOT have a kidney infection, but rather a huge mass on her kidney. She was rushed to the hospital when her doctor at urgent care found that her hemoglobin had fallen to 9 and her white blood cell count was high at 21, and they recommended an immediate blood transfusion. Since being admitted to the hospital, the doctors have found an unknown mass on her kidney that is 2/3rds the size of her kidney. She has been poked and prodded hundreds of times, and there isn’t a foreseeable date of her release or an actual diagnosis. The reason I started this fundraiser is to help put a chink in her medical bills and all of the income she’s lost from not being able to work for a month. Olivia doesn’t have much help from family, most of her support is from her three best friends who have been taking her to most of her doctors visits and getting her medication and supplements, and unfortunately we are not able to take care of these bills for her ourselves, otherwise we would. We are asking just for a small amount of support and generosity, it would seriously ease our heavy hearts and Olivia’s financial burden. Thank you all so much for what you can do, and if you can’t donate please spread this like wildfire! If you all can please help at all it would be such a blessing. She is my everything, my best friend, my family, my rock. Were it not for her I would not be alive today, so this is the least I can do. And whatever any of you can do will be a blessing, if each of my followers donated just .50 cents we would make our goal. If you can’t, but you reblog this, it will still make a world of difference to me.

And if you do end up donating please message me I’d love to give you a personal thank you and shout out!!


Hey guys, this girl is so amazing. Anything you can do to help would be much appreciated. Not only is she one of my close friends, but she’s also a part of our family. There has never been a time I’ve seen her where she isn’t cracking sarcastic jokes and making everyone laugh or smile, and all we want is be able to do is the same for her. Love you Olivia

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Oksana Kucheruk (Photo: Mark Olich)

© Irina Tuminene

Diana Vishneva, “The Lady of the Camellias” by John Neumeier, Mikhailovsky Ballet

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ballet blog <3